100x Stonewash Black Virtu™
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$ 5,900

100x Stonewash Black Virtu™

Bearing: NobleSpin™ Ceramic Hybrid
Spin time range:
 100 to 200 seconds per spin
Hand size: Comfortably fits small, medium or large hands
Material: Stonewash black titanium plated stainless steel
Length: 52mm

NEW Stonewash Finish
The benefit of a spinner with a stonewash finish is that finger prints are no longer easily visible. The finish feels like a smooth matte finish and is much less reflective than glossy finish spinners.

NobleSpin™ Ceramic Hybrid Bearings
  • Precision ceramic balls made in Japan
  • Nylon cages made in USA
  • Stainless races made in Germany
  • Hand assembled and tested by expert technicians

NobleSpin™ Hand Spinners
Each hand spinner is precision machined using top of the line CNC machines for perfectly balanced spinners. We then sand and polish each spinner by hand. Finally, we add a high gloss protective finish. Our performance spinners are treated with exceptional titanium finishes.

Based in the U.S.
We are proudly based in Austin, Texas, in the heart of the United States of America.