Lumous™ Ultra Glow
$ 4

$ 16

Lumous™ Ultra Glow

NEW FEATURE: Glow in the dark spinner!

Spin time range: 30 to 60 seconds per spin
Hand size: Comfortably fits small to large hands
Material: ABS Fiberglass blend
Length: 58mm

NobleSpin™ Lumous Ultra Glow in the Dark Spinner
This spinner is a fully translucent green color allowing the entire spinner to glow in the dark after exposed to light. This is the best spinner for glow in the dark purposes.

NobleSpin™ 440 Stainless Bearings
Custom made bearings composed of 440 stainless steel bearing races and balls.

Based in the U.S.
We are proudly based in Austin, Texas, in the heart of the United States of America.